Proxiesforchecker main feature is a high-quality intuitive result, as well as the ability to feed the checker with any proxy format, including a link to any website’s page, which includes proxy. The script detects them, tests the set of parameters and provides a convenient format for their performance. .

More details about the features of Proxy Checker:

Despite the fact that the main format for proxy-checkers is IP: Port, you should play with other formats. The script contains smart algorithms which filter the debris list of proxies. A colon, tab, room, or some combination of it act as a separator there. It lets you copy the lists of proxies from any other platform.

The filtered result can be downloaded in the IP: port text format after testing the proxy, or with all the columns and data in the.csv format, so that you can arrange the results in the desired form with Excel.
Proxy checking speed depends on your list size and user status (free orpremium). Average checking time for a single server is 30 seconds, and checking time for a 500 server list is up to 3 minutes. Multi-threading exceeds the high speed of our proxy checker: the test is carried out in 64 threads (for paid users) and in 20 free threads

Pay attention to the ticks at the proxy checker’s hand. There’s no need to print out the information about each non-working proxy while reviewing a large list. Removing this option would make the results readable easier.
You can submit your wishes via a feedback on the proxy-checker

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